5 Ways to Celebrate Christ This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It’s a time for warmth, family, and fun. It’s the time when you exchange gifts and enjoy great food with family & friends. But how many remember the true spirit of Christmas? Today, this holiday has become a triumph for consumerism and excess.

People rush to malls to purchase presents, food and drinks for parties, and other such items. They don’t really think of Christ on his birthday. If you want to bring back the true Christmas spirit and enjoy a quiet, beautiful, and calm holiday, consider these suggestions:

  1. Have an Advent Calendar

An Advent Calendar is a great way to incorporate Christ into the Christmas season. Traditional calendars were designed for worship and behind each window there was a Bible verse, a prayer, or a portion of the Nativity of Jesus story. You can bring that tradition back to celebrate Christ through the entire month of December. This is a very simple and easy way to incorporate the spirit of Christ into your Christmas celebrations. You can even make an Advent Calendar at home with the help of your children and family members.

  1. Volunteer for Christmas Projects

Most people feel charitable during the holidays and donate money and gifts to the less fortunate during this time of the year. People are less willing to commit their time but that is what charitable organizations truly need during this time of the year. If you want to celebrate the spirit of Christ, do so by offering your time and hard work to local charitable organizations and Churches. You can even bring your children and family members to volunteer. That would teach them that charity goes beyond money donations. Your children would also realize that they’re blessed to have the everyday comforts they take for granted.

  1. Incorporate the Story of Christ in Everything

The story of Christ is inspiring and but it is even more impactful if you convey it through day-to-day actions. For example, Christ received three gifts from the Magi on His birth. You can give your children and loved ones three gifts to mirror that. This would limit the number of gifts your children get and teach them that they can be perfectly happy with fewer gifts. You can also sing some Christmas carols at the local children’s hospital or nursing home to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas. Just pick one institution for every week before Christmas.

  1. Offer a Gift to Christ

You give presents to every loved one in your life but very few present Jesus Christ with a gift. Jesus Christ has no use for material gifts that can be wrapped up and placed under the tree. This gift should be substantial and require personal commitment to showcase your belief and love for Him. You could commit to a 15-minute prayer every day despite your busy schedule instead of remembering Him once a year. You could also forgive someone or cut out a bad habit from your life. Such actions would be your personal gift to God.

  1. Send Letters and Gifts to Missionaries

Missionaries spread His word across the four corners of the world and work tirelessly for the benefit of others. Most of their work goes unnoticed and unappreciated even though they deserve praise for their work. During Christmas, you can send letters and gifts to convey your appreciation to missionaries that can’t come home to their families to celebrate the holiday.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll bring the spirituality and beauty back to your holiday celebration. This would also help your children understand the true meaning of Christmas early in life.

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